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748,762+ Children Helped!

Our Mission: To Kares 4 Kids in Need

Our Vision: We Will Positively Impact Children Today

and Strengthen Our Communities For Tomorrow.

Our Story

Are you interested in the culture in the Sugarloaf market center? So are we! Here is a short story of how Kares 4 Kids began - it only operates for our KW Atlanta Partners agents, for local children in need who WE find to help!


In 1990, the idea of creating a foundation to serve children was born. In 2005, Kares 4 Kids was started, and in 7 years we accomplished our original goal to serve over 10,000 children in our communities. In another 7 years (through 2018), we accomplished our second mission and as of 2021 have served over 532,270 children! 


We are excited about the incredible opportunity to surpass that vision and help more children. Our new mission is to help 1,000,000 at-risk children! We are thrilled to be with so many amazing people who want that to make that happen.

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Community Service

Flyers that show the Charities We Have Helped!

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